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We Meyer's

We Meyer’s, Frank and Manuela lead the Stiftsweingut winery. In the meantime, our son’s Nico and Johannes have also joined us as well:

Wine is our profession whilst, at the same time, our common passion. Unperturbed about fashions and trends, we follow the vilification process with our own nose and tongue. In doing so, over many years, we have developed our very own „Meyer-Type!“ wine, sworn by a large circle of friends and wine-lovers. We do absolutely everything with passion, so as not to disappoint. 

„Since 2016, we are collectively operating the Stiftsweingut winery at Winzergasse 4, in Gleiszellen.“

Winzergasse 4 - Here we are at home and where we welcome our guests.

The winegrowers’ family left their 1784 Baroque house in Klingenmünster and moved to a slightly older Baroque house, originally built in 1764. It is the former „Kurpfälzisches Amtshaus“. Our generous wine tasting room situated on the ground floor, as well as the large open courtyard with silver lime trees, are places of encounter for various occasions, namely, for wine tastings, concerts, readings and other occasions. 

„Especially nice, the former cellar with our old wooden barrels, located directly below the tasting room.“ 

The Southern Wine Route. It is as good as it sounds and tastes as good as it looks.

The mountain ridges of the Palatinate Forest, conveniently protects the inclement weather from the West and, from these slopes, one can see the very best views of the vines. Likewise, from above, the southern sun shines more intensely than everywhere else in the country. Thus, the wine characterizes the landscape, the romantic winegrowers’ wine villages and the people of Palatinate. It is here that you can see and taste beautiful wines. 

„Our wine country may as well be your ideal holiday destination. Please visit:

We think

Pure perfection is a goal that you never actually reach. Still, every single day, we at Stiftsweingut winery endeavour to get closer and closer in order to achieve this.

Perhaps Sisyphus was a winemaker like us. Every year, he endeavored to reach the highest summit with his work. Such a wayward natural product as wine, re-establishes that task every year, which begs the question how to achieve the required quality. We have no patented recipes or standards, only our own in-depth knowledge, experience and exacting standards, our progress perhaps best shown by you, our valued costumers. 

„Wine has many fathers. Even the barrels play a decisive roll in the development.“

„When the simply good meets, you again discover what is: Quality.“

Only in agreement withe nature can good wines be produced.

We, who hold the soil daily in our hands, know what we owe to it, namely, a secure foundation of existence whilst, at the same time, a source of immense pleasure. For us, God knows reason enough to treat it with care, respect and according to nature. With our dedication and help, we want to produce a means of life which rightly justifies the name wine. In doing so, an immediate and genuine encounter with its origin is possible.

„It is time to set our mark – individual wines grown by nature, versus the de-natured and manipulated mass products of the market.“

We create

It is the soils that provide the distinction and complexion that characterizes the appeal of our wines.

We are in a good location to have very different, yet ideal soils. We value highly their contribution to the quality of our wines and, therefore, we treat them very much as our valued treasures. We achieve both their distinctiveness and vitality through natural fertilization, thus ensuring that the soils are always well-ventilated and rich in life. In doing so, the vines are very well provided for, without forcing them to maximize production. 

„Mixed horse dung, compost and sowing will help keep this important organism alive and productive.“

„In addition to the variety, the soil with its minerals characterizes the taste of the wines.“ 

Plants are sensitive. Good treatment will be rewarded with fine fruit.

At the right time and when in the right place, they will thrive. Vines want to be felt demanded upon, yet not over-burdened. When properly fed, they are resistant against deficiencies and diseases. Vines having such a good constitution are home to many useful insects that keep unwelcome enemies away. They drive roots deep, grow healthy fruit and provide an excellent indication as to the condition of the soil. 

„The less grapes the vine has to provide, the better the quality. That is why we are reducing our harvest volume by around 50 per cent, having already pruned in the spring and once again at the time of maturity, by cutting off excess grapes.“

„This Pinot Gris is in the „Blumengarten“. It is on average, 2°C warmer than its neighbours.“

Has the new cellar technology turned our winemaking upside down ?

On the surface it looks like this. In reality, however, we are using the new technique only to approach the vinification of bygone days. For example, the new pneumatic press finally works as gently as the former hand-operated spindle press and, secondly, it is now technically possible to decelerate the fermentation processes and thus replicate the times of colder winters and cooler cellars. 

„Never before have we been able to depict the fine fruit aromas in the wines so flawlessly.“

„We have more design and development possibilities today, in order to capitalize on the plant’s characteristics and strengths.“ 

„Today, we are able to work far more hygienically and, therefore, avoid foreign bodies and cellar odors in the wine.“

We offer

Lively, fruity wines that retain their youthful character for a long time.

We regain the freshness and full flavour of the ripe berry. For this reason, only hand-picked and perfectly healthy grapes can be placed on the wine presses. A part is developed as a „whole grapes compression“, another is stripped and comes after a short maceration period in the fermenters. The berries are exposed to as little pressure as possible. The gentle processing thus ensures the varietal fruit flavors are maintained.

„The fermentation and aging process is full of surprises. We must, therefore, pay particular attention to detail, whilst at the same time maintaining a creative curiosity.“

„Our Wine-Type – Very light and lively.“

„Meyer – if it’s fun and, sip by sip, tastes moreish.“

„Taste of citrus fruits, apple, peach and meadow herbs.“

Our contribution to red wine culture can be seen and tasted.

We do not wish to generate uniform red wine according to world design. We can and want to do something else: red wines which are quite dense and full-bodied, yet still portray the characteristic taste of the various varieties. With the high yield significantly reduced, fully ripe grapes are hand-picked, the mash fermented openly over a long period of time. The maturing process is carried out in old oak wood barrels or barrique barrels. 

„What variance. Three independent wines made from the same grape: fresh, elegant Blanc de Noirs; lively, flavoured roses and powerful, rich red wines.“ 

„Only the best of the best must be exposed to the young wood of the barrique barrel.“ 

„Only after long barrel storage, will the red wine be transferred to the bottle. All have great potential for aging.“ 

We have the work and you the pleasure - Our („Bubbly“) Sekte.

For the lightness of being, one has to work hard, more especially when it comes to our „Bubblies“, where all depends upon the quality of the vintage. Just one less than perfect grape can spoil the pleasure. That is why the grapes harvested are meticulously and carefully selected, hand-picked and gently pressed in harvesting stages, just prior to their full maturity and ripeness. The base wines enter the bottles of „Bubbly“, and ferment a second time, all in accordance with the classic Champagne procedure. 

Only with long yeast storage does the aromatic „Bubbly“ develop. The result can be celebrated: sparkling fresh Riesling- or Pinot-Bubbly of a kind. 

„The second and most important fermentation process of our „Bubbly“, takes up to 3 years. During this process, the bottles are hand turned by the winegrower daily.“

„After the aperitif the digestif? Also available form Stiftsweingut winery and, of the very best quality.“

We invite you

Wine is a never-ending story. One never gets fed up of talking and tasting.

There is no better place to learn and get to know each other. Firstly, all the wines that we like to pour and discuss, allow you to compare and select the right choice for you. In addition, you get to personally know behind our wines the Meyers, the place the wines are made and the landscape in which the vines grow. Wine, in its best sense, is a total work of art. Everything flows together, leaving a memorable reminder behind.

„Wine makes one curious and talkative. Quickly, you get closer and suddenly you have become part of a large circle of friends.“ 

„A spacious tasting room awaits our guests: Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. On weekdays, we are also there for you by appointment.“ 

Celebration at Meyer. Our courtyard festival is to earn a firm place in your appointments calendar.

There are many reasons to visit: To sample the good wines, which are open for tasting during the weekend and also during weekdays by appointment. As winemakers, we would be delighted to talk with you. For those visiting us for the first time, you will be surprised how quickly you feel at home.

"Be cordially invited to our court festival next year"

With Exceptional Pleasure. A series of light entertainment events.

What connects us with our friends and customers is not only the wine. It is the ability to enjoy! That is why we organize every year several concerts, readings and exhibitions that are of great interest. We owe this to well-known artists and their support, who will be won over for their performances. We are equally delighted that we can, in turn, provide art a beautiful setting. 

„Would you like to see our upcoming events? More on this hereunder“

Dear customers, dear wine lover, 

We are very much looking forward to your visit. 


Opening hours

On Saturday’s we are open between 10:00 hrs. and 17:00 hrs.

On weekdays, please contact us for an appointment. 

We are closed on Sundays and public holidays. 

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